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Learning Techniques: Some of my certification failures where due to the clockticks while reading the subject lines unable to completely picture out some question labs and by failing to answer basic questions next questions makes sure to fail the person. Going back for the second time questions got randomly harder – Yes that does not make me less of a person in fact I love when I configure the hardware and feel confidently strong doing it but definitely not a quick testing person for sure. don’t know why, sorry to say… And anyway networks is not something that you do in a 2 min snap.

As someone that is somewhat addicted to certifications (I have 37 now), I would add one more item that has helped me tremendously. On the practice exams give yourself less time than is allowed on the actual exams. When talking with new exam takers, I find that they worry as much about running out of time as they do about the actual material. I always give myself a much shorter time span on the practice exams and when I actually test I am much more relaxed when I see the clock and all the time I have. I have gotten to the point where a 250 question exam takes me about 2 hours, an exam with 70 questions is about 20 minutes for me. I would not expect everyone to get to that level, after all I have had a lot of practice, but if you can shave 15 minutes off the exam time in practice, you will feel more comfortable on the actual testing day. It has helped many friends that I have worked with. For what its worth.

Without one you’re just studying without really seeing where your weak areas are. If you do have a plan. Stick to it!

210-260 exam