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Cisco 300-101 Dump

Latest 300-101 dump questions and answers (14Q&As)

Which VPN management feature would be considered to ensure that the network had the least disruption of service when making topology changes?
A. dynamic reconfiguration
B. path MTU discovery
C. auto setup
D. remote management
300-101 dump Correct Answer: A

What information can you get from TCP flags while assessing an attack?
A. source of the attack
B. type of attack
C. target of the attack
D. priority of the attack traffic
Correct Answer: B

Which two steps can be taken by the sinkhole technique? (Choose two.)
A. reverse the direction of an attack
B. redirect an attack away from its target
C. monitor attack noise, scans, and other activity
D. delay an attack from reaching its target
300-101 dump Correct Answer: BC

In the network presented in the following exhibit, all routers are configured to run EIGRP on all links. All packets transmitted during convergence are transmitted once (there are no dropped or retransmitted packets). What is the maximum number of queries P4S-R3 might receive for if the link between P4S-R1 and P4S-R2 fails?
A. four queries, one each from P4S-R2, P4S-R4, P4S-R5, and P4S-R6
B. no queries, because there aren’t any alternate paths for
C. seven queries, one from P4S-R2 and two each from P4S-R4, P4S-R5, and P4S-R6
D. one query, since the remote routers P4S-R4, P4S-R5, and P4S-R6 are natural stubs in EIGRP
Correct Answer: A

All routers in this network are running EIGRP according to the exhibit.
Which step is the most important to make sure that this network core will converge quickly should a link failure occur?
A. make certain the maximum number of paths on both of the routers is two
B. make certain EIGRP is not running across non-transit links
C. add another link between the two routers with no servers and set the metric on this new link equal to the other four links
D. make certain EIGRP is running across all links
300-101 dump Correct Answer: B

When designing a converged network, which measures can be taken at the building access layer to help eliminate latency and ensure end-to-end quality of service can be maintained? (Choose three.)
A. rate limit voice traffic
B. onfigure spanning-tree for fast link convergence
C. isolate voice traffic on separate VLANs
D. classify and mark traffic close to the source
Correct Answer: BCD

Which two reasons are correct about building a flooding domain boundary in a link-state network? (Choose two.)
A. to increase the size of the Shortest Path First tree
B. to aggregate reachability information
C. to provide an administrative boundary between portions of the network
D. to segregate complex and rapidly changing portions of the network from one another
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: BD

The P4S company is planning to deploy a new multicast application in its network to do real-time trading. This application will be performed simultaneously by thousands of traders located throughout the network,
each a source of several IP multicast streams, to carry the “sell” and “buy” trading bids. All routers in its network have full hardware support for all PIM multicast modes. Which mode can be used to minimize the impact of the new application on the routers in the P4S network?
A. PIM Source Specific Multicast
B. PIM Any-Source Multicast
C. PIM Dense Mode
D. PIM Bidirectional
Correct Answer: D

You work as a network technician for the P4S Ltd. Study the exhibit carefully, router P4S-RA is the hub router in a Frame Relay hub-and-spoke deployment. Configure router P4S-RA’s serial interface as a point-to-multipoint interface, and it is servicing three spoke routers. The link between Router P4S-RC and the frame provider experiences a service disruption, which causes the interface on Router P4S-RC to go down. How does Router P4S-RA learn of this failure in the network and how does it react?
A. If OAM is configured between Router P4S-RA and Router P4S-RC, router P4S-RA will be notified of the failure after three missed OAM packets. After the third OAM packet is missed, the frame PVC becomes inactive, and this event terminates the routing process neighbor relationship established between Router P4S-RA and Router P4S-RC.
B. Router P4S-RA does not detect the failure in the network and its interface continues to remain in an operational state. If routing is configured over this link, Router P4S-RA must wait for the neighbor relationship to time-out before updating its routing table to account for the lost router and its networks.
C. Router P4S-RA must wait for a full LMI status update from the provider frame switch before it is notified about the PVC status.
Once the full LMI status message is received, the routing process neighbor relationship between Router P4S-RA and Router P4S-RC is immediately terminated.
D. Router P4S-RA immediately detects the failure via LMI notification and its interface is placed in a non-operational state. If routing is configured over this link, the neighbor relationship is terminated and the routing table is updated. The change is then propagated as appropriate to the rest of the network.
300-101 exam Correct Answer: B

You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. Which two settings must be configured in order to use the GUI to configure Call Admission Control with voice applications? (Choose two.)
A. QoS must be set to Silver
B. WMM must be enabled
C. QoS must be set to Gold
D. QoS must be set to Platinum
300-101 dump Correct Answer: BD

In this network presented in the following exhibit, all routers are configured to perform EIGRP on all interfaces. All interface bandwidths are set to 1000, and the delays are configured as displayed. In the topology table at router P4S-RC, only one path can be seen towards Which description is correct?
A. Router P4S-RB is not advertising to router P4S-RC due to a split horizon
B. EIGRP should advertise all available paths to in the local topology table to all neighbors so this condition is a bug
C. Router P4S-RD is not advertising to Router P4S-RC due to a split horizon
D. Router P4S-RC should have two paths to, while routers P4S-RB and P4S-RD should each have only one path, indicating a route filter has been applied on Router P4S-RC
Correct Answer: C

Which three types of LSA could each trigger a partial SPF? (Choose three.)
A. type 2 LSA (Network Link Advertisements)
B. type 3 LSA (ABR Summary Link Advertisements)
C. type 4 LSA (ASBR Summary Link Advertisements)
D. type 5 LSA (Autonomous System External Link Advertisements)
300-101 pdf vCorrect Answer: BCD

You are a network technician for the P4S company, study the exhibit carefully. P4S-R1 is redistributing into Area 1 in this network. Which LSA containing will P4S-R6 have in its database?
A. P4S-R6 will have a border router (type 4) LSA in its local database for
B. P4S-R6 will have an NSSA external (type 7) LSA in its local database for
C. P4S-R6 will have an external (type 5) LSA for in its local database.
D. P4S-R6 will not have any LSAs containing
Correct Answer: D

You are a network technician for the P4S Ltd. Study the exhibit carefully. All links provided in the network are equal cost, and P4S-R1 is configured to use per packet load sharing. One-way latencies for each route
are displayed on the diagram. Which option is true about packets sent from Network A to Network B?
A. Network B may receive out-of-order packets due to excessive latency on the P4S-R4- P4S-R3 link.
B. P4S-R1 will not use P4S-R4 and P4S-R3, because it will detect delayed TCP ACK packets coming from that path.
C. Any out-of-order packets will be buffered and sent in order by CBWFQ, configured on Router P4S-R1.
D. Any out-of-order packets will be buffered and sent in order by CBWFQ, configured on Router P4S-R3.
300-101 dump Correct Answer: A

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