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300-135 practice test questions

Latest 300-135 practice exam questions and answers (8Q&As)

Consider this process diagram in the exhibit.
The timer timeout is set to 5 s and repeats-every is set to 15 s. What happens during execution of this
A. The process instance completes in just over 5 seconds.
B. The process instance completes in just over 10 seconds.
C. The process instance completes in just over 15 seconds.
D. The process instance completes in just over 20 seconds.
E. The process instance does not successfully complete; it blocks indefinitely.
Correct Answer: E

A developer is adding a new EJB control. If the control is not already defined by a JCX file, which information does Workshop request from the developer?
A. jndi-name
B. home interface
C. bean class
D. A and B
E. A and C
Correct Answer: D

Consider this Database control annotation: /**
*@jc:sql statement::
*“SELECT name
*FROM customer
*WHERE city={cust.city}
*AND state={cust.state}”
*::*/// corresponding control method signature follows Which statement is true?
A.The corresponding control method must return an array data type.
B.cust must refer to a public member variable of the control class.
cust must refer to a private member variable of the control class.
D.The corresponding control method must have at least two arguments.
E.The object referred to by cust must have a public method named getCity.
Correct Answer: A

In Workshop, inserting a control that invokes a Web service requires specifying one of two files. Which item is one of them?
A. An XSD file
B. A WSDL file
C. A DTF file
D. A SOAP configuration file
E. An application configuration file
Correct Answer: B

What does the JPD snippet in the exhibit represent?
A. A decision node whose default path invokes a synchronous Web service
B. A decision node whose non-default path invokes a synchronous Web service
C. A decision node whose non-default path invokes an asynchronous JMS destination
D. A decision node whose default path invokes a synchronous Web service with two methods
E. A decision node whose non-default path invokes an asynchronous Web service and the execution path blocks for the callback
Correct Answer: E

Which of the following is the correct way to add an exception handler to a node?
A. Create an exception handler node and plug it into the process directly below the node or group.
B. Create an exception handler node and plug it into the process directly above the node or group.
C. Right click the node and select Add An Exception Path from the shortcut menu.
D. Define a custom exception handler in the JPD properties and select the exception handler for the node using the property editor.
E. Add /* @jpd-process-exception exception-type=”” to the top of the node method in Source view.
Correct Answer: C

How do you configure a global exception handler to process exceptions thrown by any of your processes nodes?
A. Add an exception path to the start node of the process definition.
B. Configure /*@ process-exception type=”global” in the wl-config.xml file.
C. Define a global exception handler in the process property page.
D. Configure /*@ process-exception type=”global” in the global.app file.
E. Set the Freeze on Failure property of the process definition to true.
Correct Answer: A

Certkiller .com Airlines is implementing a new business process that notifies customers when their flights will be late. The new process uses existing application functionality to allow a gate agent or customer service representative to locate and update flight information. An automated business process must be created that notifies all registered customers when a flight status is marked as late. An Certkiller .com agent must enter delayed-flight information manually to the process definition. Because of this manual interaction with the process, how should the manual intervention be implemented?
A. Synchronously
B. As a JPD control
C. Asynchronously
D. As a Web service
E. As a separate worklist client application
Correct Answer: C

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